Sankofa Crew

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The collection inspired by a painting seen in the NAAHM by artist James Philips entitled “Sankofa 2.” The word Sankofa is twi for “Go Back and Get it.”  The design and meaning behind the word really speaks to mission of our brand. Go back and get it to us means never giving up on yourself and when you fall to pick yourself back up. Realize your potential. Taking steps backwards before you can move forward, usually to find and older better version of yourself. The picture inspired the crew necks released today featuring the artwork imprinted in the back ground. 

cSANKOFA: A word in the Twi language meaning “go back and get it.” @goodheat_’s newest collection is inspired by a painting of the same name by artist James Phillips 

*Made with 100% cotton*

*Please dry clean only*